Marketing tends to be the most overlooked and undervalued part of running a business for companies. The most common reason it’s overlooked is because most owners think, “we’re so busy we don’t need to do any marketing” – even though it’s the one thing that can help you stay in business! It doesn’t have to be a daunting task though, nor too costly. Here are three reasons why you should keep up with your marketing strategy for your business – even when you are busy.

1. Marketing Reminds Customers What You Can Offer

Constant advertising – whether it’s digital or traditional marketing – reminds your customers that your business exists and what problems you solve for them. Doing this will keep your customers on the top of their minds and when they realize they need a specific product or service, they’ll remember to go with your business. Having an online presence with Google ads, organic social media, billboards, TV commercials or even radio can help get you in front of the right audience, and with the right messaging the products or services your company provides will speak volumes.

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2. You Can Constantly Build Recognition & Help Your Reputation

Having brand recognition is important because when you start off small, no one knows what your brand is or what you stand for. When you constantly market your business though, you will see that more and more people will start to recognize your logo or what your brand represents.

Think about Nike or Adidas – they are both shoe companies, but they represent different things and have different looks and feels. The customer experience is totally different, and that comes from marketing.

How you know you are creating a successful marketing plan is when people know about your business just from looking at the logo or even the colors. A company’s reputation is another part of marketing for review management. Having positive or negative reviews on Google or comments on social media can make or break a company’s reputation. Most people go off of the reviews after finding a company, and if you have more negative reviews than positive ones – this can be bad marketing for your business.

It’s not only important to market well, but for your customers to have good experiences so they keep coming back or refer you business. If you have good reviews all around, then this would be the perfect time to market your business as it can strengthen your credibility and your reputation.

3. It Helps In Slow Times

You may be busy now, but what happens when the economy takes a turn or your business slows down? Sure, you can market only during the slow times, but that won’t build awareness and recognition and as mentioned in the previous point, and your customers won’t know exactly who you are or what you stand for. Marketing during busy times means your business can keep growing so you have consistent business year round. Consistency is key and can allow for brand awareness along with increasing leads.

Look at McDonald’s or Coke, they are big brands because they are constantly marketing their company every chance they get. Without consistency they wouldn’t be where they are today. See how you can stay consistent with your marketing and advertising plan with ESB Advertising! Contact us today and follow us on social media to keep up with all of the latest marketing tips and tricks!