Are Your Shingles Complaining?

By October 3, 2016 May 25th, 2018 No Comments

For the new upcoming Long Roofing commercial, ESB Advertising took a whole new approach to the previous advertising efforts for the home improvement business. In the past, commercials had always been much more of a presentation of what Long can do for the average household; showcasing their designs and the quality of their services. This time, however, the approach was aimed more towards drawing in new clientele by utilizing some fun animations in the form of roofing shingles!

scene 3 illustration

The commercial features three cartoon shingles, one old, one leaky, and one moldy, to signify the effects that weather and time can have on a roof. The animations talk amongst each other, hoping that the homeowner will give them a little bit of TLC before the rougher Fall and Winter months pose even bigger problems for the roof.

Essentially, the creative team at ESB wanted to portray a more creative and light way of advertising roofing services. Many companies advertise in repetitive and dull ways, but this new shoot was able to bring a lighthearted and humorous approach to the concept. Another exciting part of this project was the fact that a completely new jingle was created solely aimed at roofing, something that has never been done at Long before!

Check out the new commercial below!