Brands Buying and Selling on Social Platforms: The New Norm?

By April 27, 2016 June 8th, 2018 No Comments


Everyone is always on their phones. Whether it be adding new connections on their LinkedIn accounts, scrolling through their Twitter feeds or finding new friends on Facebook, it seems that almost everyone in this day and age has some kind of smart phone glued to their palm. This constant need to stay connected to the online world is a trend that only continues to grow as the years go by, and businesses all across the globe are starting to take notice in a new way.

Popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are now bringing in business and reaching out to their consumers in a totally new way. They are beginning to open their doors to becoming the middleman between big name brands and individuals looking to buy their products. This means that, for example, a Twitter user is now able to buy a new Kate Spade handbag easier and faster than ever through their social media mobile app. Rather than having to go to the brand’s online site, Twitter will take care of half of the transaction process, making it simpler than ever.


Supporters of this new social media online shopping experience praise brands for staying up to date and relevant, growing and changing to meet the demands of consumers. Essentially, this new marketing strategy is a way for brands to pull in as many customers as possible by reaching out to platforms they are already using religiously on a daily basis. Not only will people be able to scout out new products as they are released to the public, but they will also be able to purchase the product quickly and painlessly.


The question to keep in mind as this new trends grows is how many businesses will jump on the bandwagon. Will consumers be able to buy all their products through online social platforms or will this be another trend that dies down almost as fast as it is spiking up?