Clinton Cuts Political Ad Spend In Virginia and Colorado

By August 22, 2016 May 25th, 2018 No Comments

When it comes to the political universe, LUR (Lowest Unit Rates) tend to give political parties the upper hand regarding ad reservations. Hillary Clinton’s decision not to air ads for the month of September in Virginia and Colorado gives advertising companies a little more room to breathe this political season. According to the polls, these two key states are showing numbers that are in favor of the Democratic party, giving Clinton the confidence to pull ads in those areas.

Clinton wanting to go dark in these states will not only save money, but it is an attempt to optimize results by focusing a majority of ads in the states that they are attempting to turnout. This strategy will give advertisers in Virginia and Colorado the chance to place ads during the month of September without having to deal with the heavy demand one could expect on inventory during a typical political year.

Just because the Democratic party has decided to scale back in these states doesn’t mean that they are going to go dark for the rest of the campaign season, as they plan to advertise again starting September 20th. This gives them the opportunity to expand their party and potentially educate new audiences. The next few weeks will be closely watched, as we anticipate what the Republican party plans to do in these states with the absence of Clinton’s ads.