Creating Impactful Digital Ads: The Basics

By June 29, 2016 May 25th, 2018 No Comments

A picture speaks a thousand words… One digital ad can create an impact that several text ads are not able to achieve. For this reason, it is incredibly important to construct a digital creative ad carefully to ensure it reaches the right audience and has an effective and forceful impression on your consumers. So, what can you to do ensure that your ads are compelling and eye-catching? Advertising professionals take several matters into account, including:


Message – The first thing to consider is the message; the best ads have a solid message that will resonate with the audience and immediately grab their attention. It is the core foundation you need to build on, and without it, your planning would have proven to be disjointed and unmethodical. That being said, if you want to launch a new product, consider what the product stands for, the audience you wish to target, and then create a powerful message to build the advertisement around.

Tone – After you have decided on the message you wish to convey, you need to focus on the tone of the digital creative ad. Do you want to convey a serious message, want it to appear elegant and sophisticated or do you prefer to rely on humor to draw in consumers? For example, a luxury clothing brand might use monochrome colors and sophisticated imagery to convey an opulent aura and message.


It’s important to choose the tone of the digital ad carefully and make sure to execute it properly. There are many companies that have tried to use humor to attract attention, but have ended up offending people along the way. Additionally, as always, it is imperative to double-check everything before placing it on a public platform; the last thing you want is for it to go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Imagery – The images, colors, and graphics in the ad are the hooks that catch people’s attention and reel them in. You need to make sure that the image is compelling and relevant to your message. If you fail in your execution, you might have an unsuccessful ad on your hands.


The ultimate goal in creating a creative digital ad is to get consumers excited about your brand; clicking on your ads to learn more about your products or services, as well as increasing sales along the way. The only way to achieve that is to design something innovative, interesting, and visually appealing. Consider you message, theme, and the target audience carefully before choosing any images.

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