ESB Advertising Agency Partners With Service Champions For 2016

By March 11, 2016 June 11th, 2018 No Comments

Service Champions, Sacramento California’s leading HVAC company, reached out to us looking for a complete TV advertising campaign. Not only did they want to brand their business, but also create a commercial with a call of action. They also requested a fun and memorable jingle to go along.


HVAC is a service nobody wants, but that everybody needs. By producing a to-the-point commercial about what they offer as well as producing a jingle that represents how they do business, we not only introduce Service Champions to consumers, but also make them impossible to be forgotten when the need for HVAC services comes around.


With that being said, tune-ups are always necessary to keep the furnace and AC running efficiently. We incorporated an $88 heating or AC tune-up into the commercial,  and that call of action will produce a direct response.


With the creative complete, we then began the media buying process. This includes determining which stations to air the spot on, as well as what time of day, days of the week, etc. in order to reach the target audience. This also includes negotiating with each station in order to ensure the client receives the best rates available. This is easy to do, as we buy a lot of media, and thus, are offered more leverage.


Below you will find the finished commercial now airing in the Sacramento market for Service Champions.


Service Champions Heating and Air Conditioning – Trustworthy, On-Time, & Worry Free!