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ESB Advertising Agency Creates Spots for Long Fence & Home

By September 15, 2014 June 7th, 2018 No Comments
Long Kitchens Commercial Image

Since 1945, Long Quality Products have been trusted in the home improvement industry. Family-owned for decades, Long Fence & Home remains an industry leader, serving the Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, DC communities.  Long Fence & Home reached out to ESB Advertising Agency with two marketing goals; direct response in the form of leads, as well as branding. Long Fence & Home wanted to push 4 different services (windows, roofing, kitchen, and bath) and thus needed 4 effective spots. We chose to push two 15 second spots during every commercial break as both a call of action and branding method.  ESB Advertising Agency used strategic media buying to ensure that each particular product was being advertised to the correct core demographic (for instance, home owners over the age of 35). The repetition of the jingle in two 15 second spots paired with each particular offer worked to meet both of their goals. This has resulted in traceable leads in the short term and future leads thru the long term branding.  Check out the 15 second spots below!