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How to Create Success with Google Ads

By August 9, 2019 April 13th, 2020 No Comments

A paid advertising campaign can look risky for a new customer–after all, there’s a chance that the money you put into it might generate no return at all. However, businesses who invested in Google Ads in 2019 received, on average, nearly double their original purchase.


If you’re tired of your web page getting lost in the shuffle of Google search results, turning to Google Ads may be the right step for you. But ensuring that you get the most out of your paid search campaign isn’t as simple as a one-off credit card transaction. Follow this guide to make your foray into Google’s paid offerings a success.


Why Businesses Should Use Google Ads


The world’s most popular search engine receives 3.5 billion user search queries each day, and those searches generally turn up paid advertisements among their top results. Users are about four times as likely to click on a paid search ad on Google (63%) than on any other search engine. That means users searching for your business’s targeted keywords on Google could find your page every time.


That can make a big difference–the click-through rate (CTR) for the second result in a Google search is, on average, just over half of that of the first-place result. Relying on organic search alone means that your page will be pushed further down into the results by competitors who are paying for Google Ads.


How Can Google Ads Work For You


Paying for the service isn’t always enough to guarantee that your site will appear at the top of a targeted keyword search. Competitors will bid for the top spots under each keyword, and your bid is one of two factors that will determine the placement of your ad. If your website doesn’t have the resources to compete with the highest bidders, don’t worry–you can boost your way to the top in other ways.


Your ad’s CTR–which depends on the relevance of targeted keywords, customer satisfaction with the ad, and the UX of the landing page–also makes a difference in its placement in search results. It’s crucial for online businesses that are new to paid advertising to optimize their CTR, because the higher your CTR, the less you’ll need to spend on each bid. There’s no need to pour excess dollars into ad spend when you can instead count an expert to perfect the formula to optimize your results.


ESB Advertising Can Help!


That’s quite a bit to take in, and we suggest you don’t go it alone. ESB Advertising offers expertise in lead generation and online revenue. We utilize cross-media analysis to optimize your ad spend and avoid wasting money. We’ve been recognized by Clutch, a verified B2B ratings and reviews platform, as one of the top media buying companies in Washington, DC. Please review a showcase of our work on Visual Objects and check out an entrepreneur’s guide on The Manifest.


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