Introducing Salesman Bobby From Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi!

By May 20, 2016 June 11th, 2018 No Comments

Meet Bobby, a quirky new salesman at Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our new series of commercials for the car dealership are centered on showing customers the ease of buying a car at Shirlie Slack. We are all aware of the typical car dealer stereotypes: rude, pushy, aggressive, and even money hungry at times. We created Bobby to portray how Shirlie Slack and its employees value honesty and integrity rather than pressuring their customers into buying a car as quickly as possible.



This was a very exciting commercial project to work on because we focused on how we could make Shirlie Slack stand out as a unique dealership among the many other Mitsubishi dealerships. The five commercials created all have different and unique themes that illustrate different parts of the car buying process, from warranties to a commercial spot that shows Bobby blowing out the candles on his birthday cake and making a wish that “all car dealerships operated with the same integrity as Shirlie Slack.”



Most commercials for car dealerships are all very similar across the board, so we took this opportunity to introduce Bobby and create a line of commercials that stood out with a new and fresh approach to the car buying process. Not only did we aim to dismiss any qualms people had about buying a car at Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi, but we also made sure to highlight some of the benefits that come with buying a car from them. Some of these include fast approvals, warranties, and the promise of a “no pressure” purchasing process.



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