Optimization Super Tools: Multivariate & A/B Testing

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Great data is at the heart of any new digital advertising launch. While it is easy to move forward with a single idea, there are two core methods for optimizing your campaigns: A/B testing and Multivariate testing.


What Is A/B Testing?


A/B testing, (otherwise known as split testing), is the process of creating two completely different versions of a given landing pages, (homepage, product page, promotional offering), and allows companies to determine the impact of differences to key landing page elements such as design, content, functionality, product pricing, and functionality changes. Creating multiple versions of a specific landing and splitting the traffic between the two unique pages provides insight for companies to identify which specific design, content, or pricing point differences is providing the most impact and driving higher sales and conversions.


What Is Multivariate Testing?


Multivariate testing is the process and technique in which companies can test and modify multiple variables of a landing page such as creatives/images, product pricing, and other various page content, creating multiple unique variations of a landing page as opposed to creating completely different landing pages. The benefits of multivariate testing is that it allows for companies to consistently refine and develop their website, without having to completely overhaul their designs, providing meaningful data and measurements to identify which elements are providing the best experience for their users and helping reach your business goals more efficiently.


What Are The Benefits Of Multivariate & A/B Testing?


Both techniques are praised for their benefits of providing deeper insight into consumer intent, along with being able to consistently develop your company’s offerings for conversion rate optimization. Multivariate and A/B testing allows for companies to test and identify what type of messaging, creatives, and user experience will drive the most impact and drive more sales and leads.


Whichever method your company may choose, multivariate & A/B landing page testing are powerful marketing methods that allows companies to directly compare your users landing page experiences, eliminating the guesswork out of knowing how best to optimize your websites by gaining meaningful and measurable data and executing website based on evidence-based metrics.


Our Keys To Your Multivariate & A/B Testing Success


At ESB Advertising, our team of expert Creative & Web Development strategists have a proven methodology for building powerful and compelling landing pages. An integral part of our process has been through years of rigorous testing and analysis, utilizing cutting edge technology and software for multivariate and A/B testing, we help our clients simplify their web development and testing efforts.


Our team is passionate about your marketing success, and understand consistently delivering and improving upon your user’s experience on your site is critical to reaching your business goals. Contact us today!