The Benefits of Innovative TV Advertisements in an Internet-Focused World

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The main purpose of television ads, as with any other advertisement, is to convince people to buy – or at the very least – try your products or services. So, why do so many television ads fail? Because they are simply not compelling or engaging enough, and consumers are therefore not persuaded to pay the brand any attention. With so many brands and businesses out there, companies need to create something with more depth; something that will stand out among competitors. Creative TV ads can definitely achieve these goals. Innovative and engaging ads have a massive impact on audiences and create interest in the brand and what they are selling. Listed below are a few reasons to never neglect TV advertisements:

Engagement – In modern day times, it’s often difficult to consider television to be superior to the power of the Internet and online world. As we all know, more people than ever before are now choosing to watch their favorite programs, movies, and videos on the Internet, as opposed to tuning in to watch them on TV. Many people argue that there is very little going for the future of television; that its relevance will continue to fade in contrast to the growing use of the Internet, apart from the fact that it has a larger screen, scheduled programming, as well as the unrelenting popularity of live sports.


Why then do companies and big name brands still spend the time and money making TV ads? Well, did you know that television advertisements receive around 30% more engagement from the audience? When people watch TV, they set aside their time and are not often faced with too many distractions. In such situations, creative ads have the potential to immediately grab their attention and generate interest.

Penetration – There is still a significant portion of the population that prefers to watch content on TV. Watching on small screens and laptops is the trend amongst millennials and Generation Z (the youngest generation), however, people in their mid-30s and above tend to gravitate towards television when they want to watch movies or shows.


It is at this stage that creative TV advertisements prove their importance and consequently need to be very attention-grabbing. The ultimate goal is for viewers to remember the product or brand after they they are done watching their movie or show.

Potential to Go Viral – In many cases, great TV ads eventually reach the Internet and become viral, meaning that they are shared across social media websites and other such platforms. This immediately increases visibility of the brand and helps promote the product. Viral ads lead to higher rates of conversion, brand awareness, and most importantly, increased revenue.

Major brands tend to capitalize on this notion and create ads that are specifically designed to become viral and universally appealing. Companies like Coca Cola, Red Bull, Doritos, and Snickers, for example, tend to create videos with humor or a strong social message which draws engagement and interest from the audience.

doritoblog coke redbull

In these times of intense and constant competition, it is absolutely vital to make creative television ads that will resonate with the audience and convince them that it is worth their while to make a purchase.

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