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The One Video Your Brand Is Missing

By June 5, 2018 No Comments

The rise in online video has been astronomical. In 2018 81% of marketers reported using video content in their strategies, a huge rise from 61% the year before.


As video has risen to be a dominant player in content marketing, many brands have left out one key genre in their strategy – the brand video.


A brand video isn’t a commercial, or even a product focused advertisement. A brand video lifts awareness of who you are, and what you do. A great brand video will accomplish a key set of goals:


Create a trusting relationship, and increase relatability. A video takes your brand from a two dimensional image or text on a page, and adds sound and movement to the mix. By engaging more of your customers’ senses you are better able to convey the message around who you are.


Generate organic reach through social media. Your brand video needs to be shareable! If the viewer doesn’t know who you are, they should be able to watch your video and quickly learn about you. This means your concept needs to be engaging, even to strangers.


Tell a bigger story in a smaller time frame. A video conveys more information in a short period of time. It also requires less “brain work” than reading through an infographic or consuming a long blog post. A viewer can simply sit still and let the information come straight to them.


Engage new and existing customers. Your best customers already love you, and they also probably love sharing things about you! A brand video, no matter the format, will be a no-brainer for them to share. This is especially true for those who are featured in the content. Their enthusiasm can be leveraged to bring in new customers in leads.


With all the great things a brand video can do, what different types are out there, and which one should your organization pick?


For creative agencies, the sizzle video is a go-to. ESB Advertising recently launched our new sizzle video and it has been a hit! A sizzle video can reach a customer anywhere in the funnel, showing off a brand’s capabilities and personality.




In the early part of your sales funnel, educational videos or tutorial videos are great content. They build trust that your brand is an expert in a field. They also tend to be longer than other genres of brand videos, encouraging potential customers to spend more time with your organization.


Brand videos can be traditional commercials too! Commercials with brand awareness as a goal can serve as an introduction to your organization, or a reminder to existing customers. Even in a :15 or a :30 format, a short brand video can give you real recognition lift with your audience.


As your office is growing, company culture videos can help share your values with potential new hires. Rather than having them guess about the look of the office, the feel of the culture, or the personality of the team, you can communicate those facets of your organization up front.


Video is a creative enterprise. There are unlimited ways to show off your brand using video, even ones no one else has ever done! Partner with an agency who knows how to make your brand shine. Contact ESB Advertising today!


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