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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Finding Balance Between The Two

By December 29, 2014 June 1st, 2018 No Comments

With technology booming, many assume that traditional marketing will soon become a thing of the past. Various social platforms are allowing for businesses to reach an infinite amount of consumers and to conveniently track their results. However, the perfect campaign incorporates both.

For those unfamiliar, traditional marketing refers to more tangible forms of advertising. This includes newspapers, magazines, billboards, and business cards. Traditional marketing, however, also includes TV and radio advertisements. Digital marketing takes place in cyber space- social media ads, targeted website banners, etc.

How many eyes are viewing your advertisement? That’s the beauty of digital marketing. Particularly with call-to-action campaigns, digital marketing makes tracking the success of an advertisement much simpler. Advertisers can also target a much more precise demographic. Meanwhile, although less easily traceable, there’s no question that consumers are watching tv. While branding a business, there’s just nothing like a creative & catchy traditional campaign that lasts in the minds of viewers. In other words- “TOGETHER IS BETTER!” ESB Advertising incorporates both to make a grand slam campaign.