Why Use a Media Buying Agency?

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If you are considering purchasing media directly from the source like a radio station, TV station, newspaper, magazine or a billboard company, this may seem like a great decision. Why? You probably assume that by circumventing a media buying agency you’ll save yourself about 15% commission that the agency would charge if you opt for their services. The truth is that you’re probably losing much more than 15% if you decide to buy direct.


Experienced in-house advertising specialists, as well as marketing directors, recognize the value that a professional media buying agency brings to the table.  Their service definitely outweighs the commission they earn. Take a look at why using a media buying agency is a great choice:


Excellent Value for Money


Expert media buyers conduct extensive research that align the types of services and products you offer to the appropriate buyers, via a suitable media outlet. They have a lot of information related to the different newspapers, billboards, and stations to choose from. When buying direct, you may simply go with a station you think is popular or one that you personally prefer. This may not always be a great decision if you want to send out the right message to your target audience. The effectiveness of these campaigns drives your return on investment and saving some money on going direct doesn’t do that for you.


Excellent Negotiation Potential


A media buying agency will know which questions to ask and will also get great deals that save you some money on your total bill. The outlets know that the agencies are experienced which also means they will clue them in on offers and will also maintain some flexibility in pricing. In other words, you’ll get more aggressive rates and better added value.


Understanding the jargon


When it comes to media buying there is a considerable amount of specialized terminology that comes into the picture such as break position, O&O station, PVT/PUT, points, and day parts etc. A media buying agent will be able to use all this jargon appropriately to get you the best deals and no important measurements are missed.


The Perfect Timing


When you choose to go direct, your ads will likely be shunted to the non-prime times of the day. Stations require ad inventory for all times of the day and they won’t guarantee exactly at what times your ad will be aired, leaving you at a disadvantage. In comparison, a well-connected buying agency will adopt a very aggressive approach when it comes to ensuring your ads are placed in the most advantageous times of the day.


The Convenience Factor


When you go the “direct” route, you need to be prepared for a flood of incoming calls from various stations vying for business from you. Once the word gets out that you are out there purchasing media, it doesn’t take long for the sharks to start closing in. When you hire a media buying agency, they will field all the incoming calls, handle negotiations and schedule deals; this gives you the chance to focus on other important aspects of your business. Unlike an individual station, who will have bias towards their network and potential personal incentives for getting an advertiser to work with them, an agency will base an advertising plan on nothing other than what’s best for the client.


Ready for a Media Buying Partner?


There are a number of benefits to working with a research-focused, experienced media buying agency to handle all your media buys. Ready to work with a media buying partner that understands your industry? Contact ESB Advertising today and follow us on Linkedin for more great content!