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  1. Paid Search: Do you know how your customers are finding you? Our certified AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing experts review your search engine marketing campaigns, ad groups, and keyword strategies.
  2. Social Media: Are your paid and organic social strategies working together for a better outcome? The ESB social media team will review your social media advertising campaigns, as well as evaluate your organic content and community.
  3. Tracking and Pixels: Why spend money on advertising you can’t measure? Our technical team evaluates your web presence to ensure all tracking and platform-specific pixels are set up correctly.
  4. Google Analytics: Are you missing key integrations that could empower your digital decisions? Our Google Analytics certified experts dive deep into your account to find any missed opportunities.
  5. Digital Reputation: Unsure of how to manage negative customer comments online? We track down opportunities to delight and turn around negative customer experiences to boost your authority.
  6. Web Design: Is your web presence in line with your goals? We review your advertising landing pages and website to optimize customer conversions.
  7. Television and Radio Advertising: Are your television spots running accurately, in the best areas, and at the right time? Our experienced media buyers make sure you are getting the most for your money, targeting the correct demographic, and you are running on the right schedule.
  8. Outdoor Advertising: Not sure if your ads are in the right place? We research traffic patterns, demographics and location to make sure you’re in the right area.
  9. Print and Mailer Advertising: Reaching the right audience through the right publications? We evaluate the target audience and reach to make sure you’re maximizing your print ROI.

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