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The messaging, timing, design, and overall strategy need to be in sync for optimal impact. That’s why ESB Advertising has brought the worlds of media buying and creative services under one roof. Our family is comprised of seasoned media buyers, certified digital marketers, and Emmy award-winning producers to provide our clients with decades of advertising experience.

Eiman Bassam
Founder | CEO
Heather Parker
Media Director
Chad Kehoe
Digital Director
Paul An
Head of Search
Jackie Kingsley
National Sales Manager
Neil Raives
Programmatic Manager
Felipe Monsalve
SEO Manager
Bryson Riley
Senior Account Manager
Lauren Tevelow
Data Manager
Jim Folliard
Creative Producer
Genevieve van Dijk
Senior Search Strategist
Claudio Domínguez
Senior Search Strategist
Jed Sakprayoonpong
Data Analyst
Melisa Nur Ek
Media Trader
Ashley Melton
Social Strategist
Eliyana Van Doren
Social Specialist
Paola Pintaudi
Media Coordinator
Rajpreet Bhangu
Mildred Gonzalez
LSA Coordinator


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We’re an experienced team ready to deliver compelling, strategic, and progressive advertising solutions.

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