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ESB Advertising Releases New Hilarious Roofing Commercials for Long Roofing

By March 24, 2017 June 8th, 2018 No Comments

The latest in our series of  animated roofing commercials for Long Roofing is sure to get a few laughs. Per usual, the spots focuses on a group of shingles complaining about their depreciating appearance and functionality. The campaign was created in order to entertain, rather than further saturate the roofing market with another quick sale or percent off advertisement that would likely become background noise. Instead, we chose to create a cartoon that even viewers who aren’t in the market for a roof can enjoy. It’s always important to be unique and create fresh content in order to stand out from the competition and ensure your advertising dollars guarantee the best results.


In our Spring themed spot, we began by poking fun at the crazy weather the Long Roofing markets have had to endure this past season, followed by a silly reference to all of the government’s recent leaks. One shingle even exclaims “are you shingling me?” after being told that the shingles will have to come together in protest for their repair.



In our Winter themed spot, the gang of talking shingles complain about the harsh winter taking a toll on them. We used silly play on words to such as, “We’re freezing our asphault off! to introduce the harsh winter ahead.


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