ESB is NUTZ about Long Fence!

By September 9, 2021 No Comments

Long Fence is a residential and commercial fencing company that has been a leader in their industry for over 70 years.

ESB Advertising has been working with Long Fence for over the past years, providing both traditional and digital advertising services.

This year we’ve created a different and memorable series of commercials for Long Fence.

The challenge was to infuse humor and highlight Long Fence’s patios, decks, porches and fences in 15 seconds spots and make it entertaining to get the audience’s attention. What better way than having a cute and friendly squirrel to do this job?! You will enjoy watching this energetic squirrel walking you through Long Fence’s services over our 4 videos sequence.

You will be NUTZ about Long Fence services before you know it! Check them out below and have fun.