Importance Of Using The Same Message With All Media Outlets

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Modern marketing campaigns are spread across many different platforms that showcase different types of content. Content businesses’ post on Instagram isn’t always similar to something posted in a newspaper or magazine. There has to be some diversity in how information is presented on multiple platforms.


However, many people forget about consistency in the message while coming up with varied ideas for their platform. Showcasing the same underlying message on all media outlets is necessary for establishing a common theme.


Consistency is the Highest Level of Marketing


It is very subtle but it does have a big impact on branding. Imagine your target audience recognizing your ad on any platform without seeing a logo or company name anywhere in presented content. This happens when a company’s theme is consistent; the underlying message is present on all media platforms. Developing a message that is unique enough to stand out but subtle enough to be almost unnoticeable takes time, effort, and good planning.


Audiences will recognize a brand even if they don’t know why they can recognize it in the first place. Many companies like Apple, Target, Nike, Coke, etc., have reached this level of marketing. People notice a Coca-Cola ad as soon as it is on screen, whether the company name is mentioned or not. This is only achievable through consistency when audiences are exposed to the underlying theme often enough.


Consistency Also Means Dependability


Who is more trustworthy? A friend you always offers support regardless of the situation or an acquaintance who shows support on social media while not in real life? Most people will trust the former and this principle applies to brands too. Companies with consistent, recognizable themes are considered more dependable. They have a personality and appeal, which helps audiences develop loyalty towards a store.


If your brand is considered trustworthy, customers won’t switch to other companies unless they have a compelling reason for it. However, earning that trust isn’t easy if your voice isn’t similar on all platforms. For example, Wendy’s has a very sassy, witty social media voice, which is reflected in their ads as well. If the brand’s messaging or personality isn’t reflected in all aspects of their marketing, customers will be less likely to trust it.


Common Elements


While this process requires some planning, consistency can be quite easily achieved. You just need to determine what aspects of marketing must be common. Most companies rely on a particular color palette or tone. For example, some will use only grayscale, maintaining a fairly monochromatic look in all campaigns. Some will use light pastels in different pink or blue hues for a softer image. Aside from color, marketers also use a specific tone of voice and personality, like the aforementioned Wendy’s. Brands will also use a consistent typeface in all of their text. These may be small elements but they can help maintain consistency in marketing campaigns.


As you can see, it’s important to deliver a consistent message on all media outlets without making your campaign boring or repetitive. If you plan well and keep an eye on your goal, the message won’t be lost.  Here at ESB Advertising we strive to help you deliver a consistent message across all media outlets.


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