A Better Look at PPC Campaigns – What They Achieve and How to Utilize Them

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Anyone who uses the internet has come in contact with PPC campaigns, but many people are unable to identify them by their correct name. PPC stands for pay-per click and this advertisement function is considered to be one of the most popular digital marketing strategies. They are easy to implement, relatively simple to manage, and they do not require complex negotiations with magazine publications and television networks. That being said, a majority of advertisers love this platform and have become very skilled at creating effective PPC campaigns.


What Is PPC?

When visiting a website or search something on Google, you may have noticed a text or banner ad on the displayed page. When you click on this advertisement, you are then directed towards a landing page that gives you all the information you need to know about the product, company or service. The business owner is subsequently charged for the click based on the amount of money they bid on the specific keyword of their targeted ad. The entire PPC campaign is managed through the AdWords platform on Google.


How to Create a Successful Campaign

There is no strict formula for success when it comes to PPC campaigns, but you do need to keep certain vital elements in mind when you create an ad and publish it, such as:



Keywords are the most important aspect of PPC ads because they will bring your target audience to you. It is very important to choose these words carefully and research them well to ensure that they will pull in consumers. Some advertisers rely solely on the AdWords Keyword Planner tool, but there are other additional tools available that offer more precise and comprehensive suggestions. These tools can assist you in picking out words that will attract the most attention.

Keyword Advertising



Google allows you to target your audience based on several parameters including gender, time, place, language, and type of device, just to name a few. Every advertiser needs to take advantage of these criterion to ensure the ads reach the right audience. This will help to decrease the bounce rates and ensure that precious money and time are not being put to waste.


Ad Copy

Your ad copy should be compelling and creative to catch audience attention or else the PPC campaign will fail in reaching its full potential. If you want a text ad, make sure that you are precise in your words and give your target audience the right amount of information – not too little, but definitely not too much either. You should include words like discount, sale, new launch, etc., wherever applicable. These words tend to capture attention and generate consumer interest and appeal. If you want to create a display ad, make sure to choose a compelling image that is relevant to your product or brand; one that will stand out without being too obnoxious.

Creating PPC advertisement campaigns are relatively easy, but you need to work carefully and strategically to develop a successful one. If you have any questions about PPC campaign or want to try our services at ESB Advertising, give us a call at (703)-988-2307 or contact us!