The People Behind the Scenes of the Advertisement World

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We all watch advertisements and understand that a specific product or service is being advertised by some company. Rarely, though, do we think about the people who are hired by these companies to position their ads in channels and at specific times at which they will receive the most attention. Very few people realize just how much research, effort, and content goes into an ad. Whether it is a television, print or digital advertisement, the creators have to work extremely hard to make sure it has the right impact and positively influences buyer behavior. This hard work, however, does not simply involve ad creation; if your target audience never sees the ad, all that expended effort, time, and money essentially goes down the drain. This is where media buyers step in to ensure that this does not happen.


Media Buying in a Nutshell

We all know that television channels, magazines, radio stations, and websites make money off of advertisements. In fact, there are many channels that rely entirely on the profits they make from selling ad space. A media buyer’s job is to find spaces in these networks to make sure that their content reaches their targeted audience. They strive to purchase prime airtime and make sure that ads are shown at the most strategic and ideal time for their particular demographic.

Media buying is different from owned or earned media. For example, an advertiser might own or have the right to use music and content displayed in the ads. This is a different kind of negotiation and unrelated purchase.


What’s Involved in Media Buying?

Media buying is one of the most important aspects of an ad campaign. Without it, your advertisement would probably not reach the people you want it to. It is a complex field that requires skill, dedication, and excellent communication, that all include:

Research – Advertisers will research the target audience, collect data on their activities, and make sure to understand consumer behavior. They need to know what kind of shows their target audience watches and what kind of magazines they read in their spare time, for example. This information will then allow them to figure out the ideal time slots and make a list of publications they need to keep their eye on and contact.


Networking – Media buying relies heavily on networking and good business connections. After all, networks only have a limited amount of airtime, and concurrently, publications only have a limited number of pages. If media buyers maintain good relationships with the networks and different publications, they are much better able to get the best time slots and placements for the best prices.

Negotiation – Negotiation skills are absolutely vital in this business. Much of a media buyer’s job relies on their ability to negotiate and communicate with people. They need to be friendly and open to ideas, but also strong-willed and determined. Furthermore, a media buyer needs to know how to be persuasive and tactical. They should also be able to find and land economical deals to lock in the most profit for their clients.


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