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ESB Advertising Agency Commercials with Gilbert Gottfried!

By January 5, 2013 June 7th, 2018 No Comments

Everyone knows Gilbert Gottfried, be it as a duck or in a movie. He does a great job ensuring that consumers are listening to the advertising, that their attention is truly being captured. When ESB Advertising Agency analyzes your company’s needs, it will use all tools available to make your commercial a success. For some businesses, recognition comes through acknowledgment of previous successes or through intriguing imagery, but in other industries, especially the most competitive ones, a personality such as Gilbert Gottfried can intoxicate the listener and render the advertisement (and the company!) memorable. ESB has the relationships in the marketing industry to ensure that the market opens up to your business.

In this particular case, Gilbert Gottfried was featured in an Eastern Motors commercial- there are few in the DC area to whom Eastern Motors is not a household name- that is evidence to ESB’s success with clients. That name recognition is what drives new customers to businesses and what drives revenues up, up, up! Let that business be yours!