ESB Advertising Agency Creates Super Bowl LIII Ad for Michael & Son in Less Than 48 Hours

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2019 Super Bowl Campaign


ESB Advertising Agency launched another Super Bowl campaign for longtime client Michael & Son Services, Inc. for the Rams vs. Patriots Super Bowl LIII game. These latest commercial spoofs promoting the local plumbing, heating, and air company weren’t done in the usual time frame, however. ESB Advertising was able to secure the two :15 spots only 48 hours prior to the game. With such short notice, there was no time for elaborate storyboarding or castings. Staff were pulled from both ESB Advertising and Michael & Son to expedite the process. Just like the Michael & Son slogan, we truly proved that “If you can’t, we can!”


Where’s the Flag?!



In true Michael & Son fashion, they used one spot as an opportunity to poke fun at the controversy around the no pass interference call during the Rams-Saints game that many would say cost the Saints a trip to the big game.


Lights Out



In the other :15 commercial, Netflix’s popular post-apocalyptic thriller, Bird Box, gets parodied. In this psychological spoof, however, the three characters attempt to find light after they’ve lost electricity. Unsurprisingly, it’s a Michael & Son technician who appears to save the day and provide the blindfolded crew with much needed light.


Like past years, Michael & Son has always sought to connect with their audience as quickly as possible. When an advertiser only has fifteen seconds to brand themselves among a sea of other competitors, it’s important to align yourself with relevant topics—a viral news story, a pop culture icon, or, perhaps, the most watched Netflix original movie.


Of course, we owe a big thanks to our friends at We couldn’t have pulled this off without them!


Both commercials will air on CBS on February 3rd in both the DC and Raleigh markets. Enjoy!



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