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Google Goes Visual: Gallery Ads in Hot Demand

By July 9, 2019 April 14th, 2020 No Comments

You’ll see ‘em, you’ll like ‘em, you’ll want ‘em, WE GOT ‘EM!

Gallery Ad for Michael & Son

Gallery Ad example for our client, Michael & Son


This past May at Google Marketing Live, advertisers were wowed with an onslaught of new updates and features, but nothing drew more excitement than the new “Gallery Ads.” Strikingly similar to what advertisers may have seen on Facebook Ads network, the dramatic shift here is that these ads will appear on the world’s most popular search engine amongst other search ads.


Google has been testing the new Gallery Ads format for several months and they’re expected to slowly roll out globally to all advertisers by the end of 2019, with only a handful of select advertisers currently having access to the beta. We are excited to announce – right now, ESB Advertising has that option!


What are Gallery Ads?


A Gallery Ad is a carousel of images that is served on Google’s search network, with campaigns that are set-up just like any other search campaign you may run. The user can swipe through, click, and be served a call to action all with images. It is comprised of 4-8 images, a description (max. 70 characters), and up to 3 headlines.


The catch for now? Well, there’s 2. Not everyone can use them. Gallery ads will only be available to those who hold the top spot in Google search results. Also, as of now it’s only available on mobile devices. It’s not certain if one or both of those will change in the future but we’ll keep you posted.


What’s the Cost?


There are two ways that an advertiser can be charged; cost-per-click on the headline (like a usual ad) or after the user swipes through 3 of the images in the gallery.


First Impressions


With the advent of shopping ads (product listing ads), advertisers quickly realized the enormous power of combining Google’s massive search network with a visual ad format. They helped associate specific products to users’ searches and proved to be vital with increased user engagement and business ROI.


The introduction of Gallery Ads is set to be a groundbreaking next step to help further expand this concept by allowing businesses without physical products and who weren’t able to utilize shopping ads to now leverage specific imagery for their offerings. As a leader in home services marketing, we immediately saw the immense potential of Gallery Ads and were excited to be among the very first advertisers to have them enabled across our client accounts.


While very much still in its beta stages, we’ve been thrilled with the results we’ve seen thus far! We’re eager to continue to bring the latest innovations Google has to offer to our clients.


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