Reaching Generation C Through Digital Marketing

By March 16, 2016 May 25th, 2018 No Comments

What is your company doing to stay relevant in the online advertising world? Online advertising is experiencing an exciting new renaissance in which companies are giving their consumer exactly what they want; ads targeted specifically at certain groups of people. This new method has helped thousands of companies target their chosen demographic through the online interface, one which has the capacity to reach and resonate with millions of online users. This new era in which customer sentiment and personalization matter more than ever has created a sense of urgency and need for many businesses to directly communicate with their clients and potential customers by means of online digital marketing.


Marketers can take advantage of this trend by personalizing the text styles and images in an ad, creating a more personal and one-on-one advertising experience to the consumer. The shift to digital advertising has also signaled a certain change as to how stories are told to consumers. In contrast to television ads, online campaigns are able to be differentiated across multiple platforms, feeds, and devices, while still maintain a cohesive and unified message.


Google calls this new generation “Gen C,” described as the people who thrive on “creation, curation, connection, and community.” These individuals live completely in the digital world and do not want to be engaged passively in messaging, but would rather be a part of the conversation. This new wave of digital advertising gives them exactly that: a personal feeling within an extremely impersonal online world.