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Why Use A Media Buyer?

By August 7, 2014 May 29th, 2018 No Comments

A trusted media buyer can save your bottom line when you are looking for the best deal on advertising. If you have been DIYing your media buys, you may not know how much time, effort, and money a media buyer partner can save you. Here’s how a media buyer partner can give you an edge:


It doesn’t cost extra, so why not?

Media buyers get lower rates, and thus, even with the additional commission you are not spending any extra for their expertise. This discount is not available to the direct advertiser and only an accredited media-buying service, such as ESB Advertising, is eligible to receive it.


Buying power!

Media buyers possess purchasing power that you as a business owner cannot have on your own. Professional media buyers place advertising for several clients, giving them an annual expenditure that is much larger than a single company will ever bring to the table. A station will give the highest spender the most leniency in terms of pricing and air times, thus giving them a great advantage in terms of negotiation. ESB Advertising is one of the largest media buyers in the Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area, thus giving us a great deal of buying power.


Relationships & Accountability

The media buyer’s relationship with the station plays a huge role in ensuring the success of a creative. Working hand in hand, they track the success of the commercial and make adjustments in order to meet the client’s goals.


Behind the Scenes Support

Whether it be dealing with your invoices, or simply responding to annoying sales calls, the media buyer now becomes the contact for all advertising purposes. This ensures your spending is being tracked accurately and efficiently by a professional on the ESB Advertising accounting team, and that you have time to tend to your business.