Why Coca-Cola’s New “Share A Coke With…” Campaign is Genius

By August 11, 2014 June 1st, 2018 No Comments

I know you’ve seen them- they’re Cokes labelled with names of who you should share your refreshing, ice-cold beverage with (many of us choosing to share with ourselves).  Even the most unique names are found with a search through your local 7/11, and if not, you are categorized as a “best friend”, “sister”, “soul mate”, etc. There is truly a personalized coke for EVERYONE.  Expensive, yes, but printing various labels to make each soda unique has led to multitudes of free advertising from the help of social media and average Joe’s showing off a drink made “just for them”  to the world. You can be sure Coke is extremely content with their investment as the #shareacoke hash-tag on Instagram boasts 357,835 posts so far, or, in other words, 357,835 free digital billboards (keep in mind there are many more photos without hash-tag floating through cyber space unaccounted for).  The happiness created when someone finds their name or the name of a friend on a soda has been transferred to social media by each excited consumer. Judging by the obvious success of their brilliant advertising campaign, I can only imagine Coca-Cola may be even more excited.